Maps of Chicago from different time periods:

1834 - Chicago with the School Section and Wabansia and Kinzie's Addition

1849 - Rees and Rucker Map of Chicago and Vicinity

1857 - Map of Chicago (Blanchard)

1862 - Business Portion of Chicago

1868 - Blanchard Guidebook (before the fire)

1871 - Guide Map of Chicago

1871 - Map of Chicago Showing the Burnt District

1886 - Robinson's Map of Chicago (entire)

1890 - Chicago's Street Railways

1902 - Rand, McNally & Co.'s street number guide map of the principal part of Chicago

1910 - Rand McNally & Co.'s New Street Number Guide Map of Chicago

1921 - Map of Chicago and Suburbs


Collections of maps:

Current maps from the City of Chicago.

Maps at the Newberry

Chicago in Maps - A website with links to various historical maps of Chicago.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collections - This digital map collection includes over 57,000 maps and images, many of Chicago.

Fire Insurance Maps - Fire insurance maps show the footprints of buildings and other structures, as well as the construction material, use, and other information. This site contains a guide to fire insurance maps of Chicago.

University of Chicago Map Collection - Contains historical and current maps of Chicago.