St.Joseph's Carondelet Child Center/St.Joseph's Orphan Asylum

Street Address: 
739 E. 35th Street
Chicago, IL

Richard, Bernice. "History of St.Joseph's Carondelet Child Center."
Chicago Genealogist Vol. 17, no. 4 (Summer 1985): 156-159
Call No. Local History Ref. F458.1 .C45 (2nd floor open shelves)

The history of the institution from its founding in 1864 to 1983. Originally known as St.Joseph's Orphan Asylum, it was renamed St.Joseph's Carondelet in 1965 and in 2007 the name was changed to the Cardinal Meyer Center. For further information on the building, originally a Civil War military hospital, see the Archdiocese of Chicago web site.

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1864 - 1983

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According to the 1880 census, there were 263 people resident there, of which all but about 25 staff were orphans. Source:

My brother and I were at St Joesphs around 1962. The sister we had everyone called Hawkeye. I was the first alter boy there when Mass was still in Latin.It wasn't bad there.

I, along with 8 of my brothers and sisters were here in 1944-45(?) Wondering if there are any records I can look up to see our stay?

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