Woltman Residence

Street Address: 
1300 W. Fry St.
Chicago, IL

Geert (George) Jans Woltman was born 17 January 1837 in Eenrum, Groningen, Netherlaads. Geert married Trientje (Katherine) Eilts Ziegeler in Kloosterburen on 17 September 1864. Trientje was born 4 August 1845 in Hornhuizen.

Geert and Tryntje had two children in the Netherlands before migrating to Chicago in 1866. The family lived for a time at 84 Fry Street (now around 1300 Fry).

Trientje died 10 January 1905 and Geert 22 June 1931. They are both buried in Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, Illinois.

 For further details, contact the Chicago Genealogical Society. Geert (George) Jans Woltman is Pioneer Ancestor numbers 137-140, 146.




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