Steele Residence

Street Address: 
State St. and Randolph St.
Chicago, IL

Ashbel Steele was born in Derby (West Haven) Connecticut in 1794. In 1827 he married his second wife, Harriet Dawley, in Rochester, New York. Harriet was born in England around 1815.

Ashbel and Harriet moved to Chicago in 1833 where Ashbel built their first brick home. They later moved to River Forest where Ashbel died 26 September 1861 and Harriet 25 July 1895. Both are buried in Forest Home Cemetery in Forest Park, Illinois.

The couple's fourth daughter, Mary Alice Steele, was born at the Cook County Sheriff's home next to the Cook County jail on 8 September 1840. She later married Francis Asbury Daniels (see entry for Daniels Residence).

For further details, contact the Chicago Genealogical Society. Ashbel Steele is Pioneer Ancestor number 132, Harriet Dawley is number 133 and Mary Alice Steele is number 134. See entry for Francis Asbury Daniels, Ancestor number 135.




1833 - 1861

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