Sherman Residence

Street Address: 
1944 W. Lake St.
Chicago, IL

Andrew Taylor Sherman was born in Suffield, Connecticut in 1821. In 1841, he moved to Wisconsin, and from there in 1850 to San Francisco to follow the Gold Rush. While there, a boiler explosion cost Mr. Sherman his right leg. He returned to the Midwest, and by 1853 was a bookkeeper in Chicago. He was an early resident of Evanston, and a co-founder of Rosehill Cemetery. His first wife, Sophia, died in 1861. He remarried the following year to Julia Aldrich.

Through the 1860s, Mr. Sherman worked as a Notary Public at the U.S. Customs House. In 1866 they lived at 762 W. Lake (now 1944 W. Lake). By 1869, the Shermans lived at 821 W. Lake Street (now 2052 W. Lake Street). The following year, they lived at 162 24th Street (now 2341 W. 24th Street) and Mr. Sherman was a Clerk of the Circuit Court.

In 1871, the family moved to Wilmette, and Mr. Sherman spent the next twenty-four years with the Post Office Money Order Department. Julia Sherman died in 1896, and Andrew Taylor Sherman in 1901. They are buried in Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago.

For further details, contact the Chicago Genealogical Society. Andrew Taylor Sherman is Pioneer Ancestor number 267.




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