Polish Women's Alliance of America

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6643 N. Northwest Hwy.
Chicago, IL

The Polish Women's Alliance in America (PWAA) was established in May 1898 in Chicago. The PWAA was created in response to the discriminatory membership policies of the already well established Polish fraternal organizations of America, mainly the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America (PRCUA) and the Polish National Alliance (PNA). Despite the important and active role that women played in Polish-American communities, these fraternal organizations restricted membership to only men. After years of unsuccessfully lobbying the major Polish fraternal organizations to recognize the full equality of women with men and grant Polish women full membership rights, Stefania Chmielinska spearheaded the effort to create a separate organization for Polish-American women. In 1899, Chmielinska was elected the first president of the PWAA.

Throughout its existence the PWAA has devoted itself to serving the Polish patriotic cause at home and abroad, assisting local Polish-American communities, and also advocating women's rights in America. The first motto of the Alliance is "God, Service, Country" (Bog, Czyn, Ojczyzna). The second motto is "In the ideals of women are found the strength of a nation" (Ideal Kobiety to Sila Narodu).

Today, the Alliance is licensed in 17 states across America, with a membership of over 50,000. It's original headquarters were located at 1309-1315 North Ashland Ave. in Chicago.

The original headquarters of the PWAA were located at 1309 North Ashland Avenue until moving to the current location in 1979.

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