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151 N Green Street
Chicago, IL

This was the residence of Daniel O'Connell and his wife Ellen. Daniel's parents married in Limerick, Ireland in 1852. They had traveled from Ireland, across Scotland. Daniel's father James worked for the North British Railway Company and lived at various locations along their rail track from Kirkudbright to Melrose. Daniel's brother James who lived at Goose Island was born in Northumberland, England before the family moved to Gateshead in England. In 1874 the family migrated to Shields Township where they can be found on the 1880 Federal Census. They left by great-grandfather behind in Gateshead, England living with his master. He was an apprentice glass-maker.

The family lived in Shields Township and use the Warrenton Grove Post Office to receive mail.

I do not know anymore about James and Daniel after the 1892 voters lists. I have been researching the family for the past 20 years, but the increasing amount of online information that is available is helping me to piece together their story very slowly. Apart from pinpointing where the family lived at various points in their lives, it is very interesting to look into the social and economic reasons for their migration.
Obviously occupation was the primary reason for migration from Ireland to Scotland and England. But the 1870 Engineers' Strike in England seems to have been a contributor in their reasons for migration to USA.




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