Mishne Ugmoro

Street Address: 
Douglas and Christiana
Chicago, IL

Meites’ 1924 History of the Jews of Chicago records that the congregation was founded in 1890.According to Meites, the congregation moved 29 O’Brien (which became 636 O’Brien after the street renumbering of 1909) in 1895. The Chicago Tribune reported on the building of a new synagogue at this address on June 5, 1898. By 1923, a branch of the congregation was established at 1321 S. Spaulding. According to A Walk to Shul by Kraus and Schwartz, the congregation moved in to a new building at Douglas and Christiana in the late-1920s. In 1955, the congregation moved to a new structure at 6043 N. California.

Variant names:

Congregation Mishno Gemora (City directory of 1923)

Congregation Mishna Ugmoro (Meites)

Misho Gmoro (Chicago Tribune)

Mishne-Ugmoro (Chicago Tribune)

Mishne Ugnovo (Chicago Tribune)

Chebrah Gemorrah (Chicago Tribune)



1929 - 1955

Structure Type



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