Hetzel Sr. Residence

Street Address: 
1351 N. Mohawk Street
Chicago, IL

Gustave Hetzel, Sr. was born in Germany in 1844. He immigrated to America in 1866 and married Ida Rome in 1870. She had arrived from Germany in 1851. By 1879, Gustave operated a fruit and butter business with partner George Anstey, and the Hetzels lived at 41 Mohawk Street (now 1351 N. Mohawk Street). By 1884, Gustave was was selling fruit preserves from 135 Kinzie Street (now 722 W. Kinzie Street), and the family had moved to 343 N. Wells Street (now 1040 N. Wells Street). Five years later, Mr. Hetzel was a clerk at 204 Dearborn Street (now 742 N. Dearborn Street). The family lived at 98 N. Clark Street (now 513 N. Clark Street). The Hetzels moved in with their son, Gustave Jr., at 428 Belden Avenue (now 600 W. Belden Avenue) before 1900. Gustave Hetzel, Sr. died in 1906 and was buried at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. Ida outlived him by twenty-seven years. She was buried at St. Joseph cemetery in River Grove, Illinois.

For further details, contact the Chicago Genealogical Society. Gustave Hetzel, Sr. is Pioneer Ancestor number 299.




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