Grace English Lutheran Church

Street Address: 
Belden and Geneva Terrace
Chicago, IL

Organized: 1882
Closed / Merged: 1975
Moved to this location: 1887
Moved from this location: 1975

Synod: Northern Illinois Synod of the General Synod




1882 - 1975



I attended there 1971-1975 and was one of the deacons when it closed. We had a folk service in the basement, had a phone help line for troubled youth, helped find shelter for homeless, had fun serving the Lord the best we knew how at the time. I am much closer to the Lord now, have moved politically from liberal to conservative, but look back on those days with fondness. The map does not have the location of the church quite right. It was on the southeast corner of Belden and Geneva Terrace.

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