Gimbel's (restaurant)

Street Address: 
30 W. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL

Culled from: Drury, John. Dining in Chicago, New York: The John Day Company, 1931, pp. 132-133.

Note: The Newberry Library holds the personal papers of author John Drury.

GIMBEL'S, 30 West Randolph Street

This large and popular basement dining room occupies an interesting location. Above it rises the Masonic Temple building, headquarters of Masonry in Chicago; next door is the Oriental Theatre, largest of Chicago's cinema palaces; and, lastly, here was the site of the Iroquois Theatre fire in 1903. As for the restaurant itself, it is new and luxurious, the menu is large and inclines toward German and Jewish cooking, the waitresses are lively, the sticks of bread are good, and there are four special Gimbel salads that would brighten the eye of any epicure. Patrons are invited to observe the kitchen, made of Monel metal. The walls of Gimbel's are wainscoted with American walnut, ornamental plaster, and intricately designed gold work. Open from 7 A.M. to midnight.

Maitre d'hotel: Fred Gimbel




1931 - 1931


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