Congregation Bikur Cholim

Street Address: 
8927 Houston Av.
Chicago, IL

Congregation Bichur Cholim was listed at 8927 Houston Av. in Chicago city directories from 1905 to 1928, but according to the website "Chicago's Southeast Side Churches", the congregation remained at this location as late as 2004. The website also records that the congregation merged with Agudath Achim in 1972.

Variant names:

Bichur Cholem

Bichur Sholem

Bikur Sholim



1902 - 2001

Structure Type




I davened here from 1970 until it closed. I attended the final Rosh Hashanah service. My son was the last bar mitzvah in 1971. Brothers Dave and Louie Rosenthal and Nate Hecht, all of blessed memory, were the inspirations who kept this shul running in later years. The building was classic East European architecture on a modest budget. This was once a thriving immigrant Jewish neighborhood. A congregation of Black Jews took over the building. I have pictures of this wonderful shul for anyone interested. Email me at

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