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188 W. Randolph
Chicago, IL

The Newberry Library holds a large number of journalism modern manuscript collections.

City News Bureau of Chicago. Records, 1944-2005, bulk 1990-2000.
One of the first cooperative news agencies in the United States founded in 1890 as the City Press Association by Victor Lawson, who persuaded local newspaper competitors that cooperative gathering of police, court, City Hall, and other routine news would reduce the cost of reporting staffs and train reporters for newsrooms. The City News Bureau slowly faded as Chicago went down to two newspapers, although it was still widely used by both the Sun-Times and the Tribune. When the Sun-Times pulled out in 1999, it continued to operate under Tribune auspices as the City News Service until Dec., 2005.

Records files from four beat locations: Federal Court, Cook County Civil Court, Cook County Criminal Court, and Chicago City Hall. The files of the Federal Court are the oldest, dating from the 1950's, and at other locations they date from the mid-1980's through 2005. They include copies of reporters' filings, research notes, newspaper clippings, court case filings, and government reports on a variety of issues. The reporters' filings contain blow-by-blow details on crimes and political activity.

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Eulenberg, Edward H. Papers, 1920-1985, bulk 1957-1976.
Personal research files and clippings of Edward Eulenberg reporter and editor for the City News Bureau, Chicago Daily News feature writer, and Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism Chicago Division educational advisor. Includes Eulenberg's "Classroom Series" for the Daily News on social action, Chicago, and other topics, and material related to Chicago's Chinese community and the Chicago Crusade of Mercy.

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1957 - 2000

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