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The Newberry Library holds a large number of journalism modern manuscript collections, many of which are related to the Chicago Daily News. Click here for more details about these collections.

Chicago Daily News, Inc. Records, 1875-1978.
Correspondence, photographs, staff information, promotional materials, legal papers, interviews, memoranda, stylebooks, artifacts. Chicago's first penny daily and most popular newspaper until 1918. Purchased by the Field Corporation in 1959, and continued publication until 1978. Inventory: Online.

Field Enterprises. Records, 1858-2007, bulk 1950-1975.
Administrative, promotional, and legal materials, correspondence, photographs, and artifacts of Field Enterprises, the umbrella conglomerate under which the Chicago Daily News, the Chicago Sun and Times company, the Chicago Sun-Times, and Field Communications Corporation eventually fell. Inventory: Online.

Bell, Edward Price, 1869-1943. Papers, 1886-1951, bulk 1900-1942.
Foreign correspondent.

Binder, Carroll, 1896-1956. Papers, 1910-1967, bulk 1920-1955.
Labor reporter, war correspondent, foreign correspondent, publisher's assistant, editorial writer, and foreign service editor.

Casey, Robert J. (Robert Joseph), 1890-1962. Papers, 1907-1964.
Reporter and prolific author. Served in World War I, was one of the great correspondents of World War II.

Dennis, Charles Henry, 1860-1943. Papers, 1868-1942, bulk 1885-1929.
Managing editor.

Drury, John, 1898-. John Drury - Marion Neville papers, 1860-1970.
Writer and reporter from 1926 to 1944, poet, and author of many books about Chicago; Neville, his wife, was a columnist, author of children's books, and artist.

Fischetti, John R. Papers, 1942-1995.
1,120 original political cartoons by John Fischetti, mainly covering national and international issues, concentrated during the Nixon and Carter presidencies.

Gruenberg, Robert, 1922-1992. Papers, 1947-1990.
Political and urban affairs journalist and Washington and foreign correspondent.

Hansen, Harry, 1884-. Papers, 1900-1970.
Reporter, foreign correspondent, and literary editor, 1911-1926, and author of fourteen books.

Harris, Sydney Justin. Papers, 1933-1987, bulk 1975-1985.
Syndicated columnist who later appeared on the Chicago Sun-Times editorial pages. Wrote the popular daily column, "Strictly Personal".

Hecht, Ben, 1893-1964. Papers, 1879-1983.
Chicago Daily Record and Chicago Daily News journalist, and active participant in the Chicago Literary Renaissance. Hecht continued his career in New York and California as a journalist, novelist, and playwright, and was a prolific Hollywood screenwriter and Jewish activist.

Kogan, Herman. Papers, ca. 1869-1985, bulk 1970-1985.
Long-time Chicago newspaperman. Kogan served in many capacities at various times for the Daily News, Sun-Times, and Tribune newspapers of Chicago.

Lawson, Victor Freemont, 1850-1925. Papers, 1860-1931, bulk 1885-1925.
Editor and publisher who made his newspapers a vehicle to promote Progressive reform.

Lewis, Lloyd, 1891-1949. Papers, 1886-1985, bulk 1905-1949.
Correspondence, work manuscripts, and family memorabilia of Lloyd Lewis, managing editor, 1930-1945. After 1945 Lewis focused on writing historical biography and defining and creating the Newberry Library's Midwest Manuscript Collection.

Lewis, Lucia. Artifacts and memorabilia, 1955-1962.
Artifacts belonging to Lucia Lewis, travel editor.

Mabley, Jack. Papers, 1937-2003.
Reporter and columnist. Correspondence with colleagues, congratulatory letters, inter-office memos; works including newspaper clippings, subject files dealing with important stories including the 1968 Democratic Convention.

Mowrer, Paul Scott, 1887-. Papers, 1894-1988, bulk 1912-1971.
Paris correspondent, head of European service, associate editor, and editor-in-chief.

Mowrer, Richard Scott. Papers, 1942-2004, bulk 1951-1975.
Freelance foreign correspondent.

Newman, M. W. (Morton William), 1917-2001. Papers, 1917-2002.
Editor, reporter, and critic M. W. "Bill" Newman.

O'Brien, Howard Vincent, 1888-1947. Papers, 1894-1948.
Literary editor and columnist, best known for the popular column "All Things Considered" and his World War I diary, Wine, Women and the War, published anonymously.

Preston, Keith, 1884-1927. Papers, 1915-1945.
Correspondence, academic articles, a poem, and obituaries of Keith Preston, columnist and book page editor, Northwestern University Latin professor, and poet.

Royko, Mike. Papers, 1934-1997, bulk 1962-1997.
Pulitzer Prize-winning and widely-syndicated newspaper columnist and reporter. Royko wrote with humor and sarcasm on a wide variety of local and national topics.

Smith, Henry Justin, 1875-1936. Papers, 1912-1980, bulk 1912-1935.
Reporter and editor. Smith mentored talented writers like Ben Hecht, Carl Sandburg, and Vincent Starrett, and wrote many books of his own.

Starrett, Vincent, 1886-1974. Papers, 1918-1986.
Chicago biographer, bibliographer, essayist, collector, literary critic, and journalist, as well as a devotee of Sherlock Holmes

Stone, Melville Elijah, 1848-1929. Papers, 1815-1954, bulk 1890-1929.
Founder in 1875 of the Chicago Daily News and general manager of the Associated Press, 1893-1921.

Stowe, Leland, 1899-. Papers, 1929-1988.
Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign and war correspondent.

Strong, Walter Ansel, 1883-1931. Papers, 1847-2008, bulk 1912-1931.
Publisher of the Chicago Daily News from 1925-1931.

Taylor, Graham, 1851-1938. Papers, 1820-1975, bulk 1866-1940.
Ordained minister, who was a columnist and professor of social economics. Papers include correspondence, scrapbooks and other material relating to his activities, including information relating to Chicago civic organizations.

Wright, Paul Randall, 1876-1965. Papers, 1899-1965.
Writings and correspondence of Chicago journalist and foreign correspondent Paul Randall Wright, particularly newspaper stories reported from Siberia in 1918-1919, and Manchuria, China, Japan, and the Philippines from 1926-1930.



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