Bnei Ruven

Street Address: 
6350 N. Whipple
Chicago, IL

According to current congregational website, Bnei Ruven was founded in 1895, although Meites' History records 1901 as the founding date.

In 1961, the congregation moved to a new synagogue at 6350 N. Whipple. The Chicago Tribune reported on the groundbreaking for the Whipple Street temple on May 16,1957. Prior to that, the congregation occupied a synagogue at 1256 S. Kedvale.

Variant Names:

Bnai Reuven V'Ansheniezin (1910 city directory)

Bnai Ruben (1923 city directory)

Congregation Sharei Tfile Bnei Reuven (1937 telephone book)



1961 - 9999

Structure Type


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