Anshe Emet

Street Address: 
349 Sedgwick
Chicago, IL

According to Meites History, Anshe Emet (listed as Anshe Emeth by Meites) was founded in 1878. However, the congregation published a centennial book in 1973, giving an earlier founding date.

In 1893, the congregation moved to 349 Sedgwick, which would be near 1363 Sedgwick in the current address system, from its previous location on Division street west of Clybourn. The Chicago Tribune published an article about the dedication, illustrated with a drawing of the synagogue, on Sept. 1, 1893.

In 1916, it moved to 633 Gary Place (now 633 Patterson.)

Variant names:

Anshe Emes (1882 city directory)

Anshe Emeth (Meites)



1893 - 1916

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