All of the data in ChicagoAncestors is sorted into one of the following topics. Examples of the type of data that might be included under a topic are provided in parenthasis.

  • Arts, Entertainment & Sports (theaters, arenas, clubs, etc.)
  • Buildings & Structures (houses, skyscrapers, bridges, etc.)
  • Crime (homicides)
  • Education (libraries, schools, museums, etc.)
  • Geographic Areas (community areas, wards, etc.)
  • Groups & Organizations (clubs and fraternal organizations)
  • Historical Events (events such as the Eastland disaster, Century of Progress, etc.)
  • Individuals & Families (you and your family, as well as famous individuals and families)
  • Photographs & Images (photographs, drawings, maps, etc.)
  • Public Spaces (parks, cemeteries, plazas, etc.)
  • Religious Institutions (churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, etc.)
  • Transportation (railroads, harbors, airports, etc.)